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Terms and conditions
Rolling Road Performance Testing

Rolling roads are by definition designed to test vehicles to the extreme of performance, it shall be the owner’s sole and final responsibility to assure both themselves and the rolling road operator that the vehicle is in good order and suitable for testing.

Control of the vehicle will be handed over to the Dynamometer operator All care shall be taken,however Steve Walford Motorsport accepts no responsibility for damage or loss that occurs due to malfunction and / or failure of the vehicle being tested during or after such testing.

If by the opinion of the technician operating the dynamometer that it is unsafe or not feasible to start or continue the test then all testing will cease until such time the issues can be remedied and demonstrated to the technician in charge. 

Steve Walford Motorsport and the Dynamometer operator reserve the right of refusal to any vehicle.

By using/booking the dyno you indemnify Steve Walford Motorsport their respective Management,Staff,Employees,Operators,Volunteers and Sponsors against any/all claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses whatsoever suffered from or incurred as a result of the above mentioned activity
All vehicles left with us are done so at your own risk, we will take reasonable precautions to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure but cannot be responsible for any damage or loss suffered however caused.

All invoices for work carried out must be settled before the vehicle leaves our premises Vehicles left here for more than 14 calendar days after completion will incur a weekly storage charge until collection